Thursday, February 17, 2011

17 February 2011 . . . Day 6

I'm feeling run down today.  When I'm sick, I don't usually want to do anything but read and nap, but today I felt like cleaning up a bit.  It wasn't until around 3 this afternoon when I went to take some trash out to the dumpster that I realized what a beautiful day it was.  The sky was so grey that from inside it looked like just another dreary Thursday.  But outside it was wonderful, probably 60 degrees and with just the hint of a breeze.  I ran back inside, changed into a T-shirt and threw open the windows.  
open window in February

I may have been a little overly excited about the rise in temperature.  I did re-pot my tomatoes into the Upsy-Downsy planter, but once the sun had set I started worrying about frost.  I moved the plants back indoors, and now I have tomatoes hanging from my shower rod.  

I am reading three books at the moment, and I'm about to finish the last chapters of two of them.  I broke down and took some cold medicine a little while ago, so I think I will read myself to sleep.  

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